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30/03/2012 01:47

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Date: 29/03/2019

By: Victoria

Subject: Nice job!

I'm very thankful for your help.
Initially, I've thought that nobody can help me; but after the conversations with you I felt significantly better.

Thanks a lot!


Date: 25/05/2014

By: Pharmk797

Subject: Good info

Very nice site!

Date: 24/06/2012

By: Vlad

Subject: I was saved!

God heard me and sent Alex to help. My girlfriend freaks me out sometimes. But I understand her now - Thank you Alex!

Date: 05/07/2012

By: Alex Kazmin

Subject: Re: I was saved!

Thank you Vlad for you comments.
I greatly appreciate your feedback.


Date: 12/04/2012

By: L

Subject: Thank you for your help

Dear Alex,
thank you for your valuable advice in a difficult moment. I know I can count on you when I have questions especially about children. Your tact and work ethics are very appealing. I feel open and welcomed during our discussions and feel the positive energy and your willingness to help. To my experience, you provide professional service at the very high level and I feel lucky I came to see you.
Best regards,
L., North York.

Date: 09/04/2012

By: Leon B.

Subject: Thank-you Letter

Dear Alex,
Thank you for helping me with overcoming a very painful work -related problem.
I am a Nurse who just got the first job in Toronto. During my first months at the Hospital I faced lots of communicative problems with staff members which I didn't expect at all . In other worlds,I got very cold shoulder at my workplace and every day was a psychological challenge for me .I was feeling completely broken ,I couldn't concentrate on my daily tasks and was thinking to leave my job . After our first conversation I realized that I am not along , and my problems could be easily manageable by using the simple techniques. I followed your valuable pieces of advise and within short period of time gained some self confidence. Using your tools,now I fell much better at my work .
Sincerely your's,
Leon B.

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